We have upgraded our web application to help our clients to prepare and submit their clearance requests more efficiently .

As part of this upgrade process, login details have to be reset and your information have to be updated.

If you face any difficulty during the login, password reset or attachments uploading stages, please send us an mail (

Reset Your Password

1 - Please login to the UNVIM web application by clicking here

2 - Please click on "Forgot Password"

3 - A link will be sent to your email. Please click on the link in the email.

4 - Then follow the steps to reset your password

Update Your Information

1 - After logging-in, please go to the top right of the portal and click on "Edit Profile".

2 - In your profile, please update your information. The information provide will be automatically populated in your next clearance request.

3 - Alternatively, you can change your password.

Attachments Size

Standardised downloadable templates have been added for your convenience. Please kindly keep the size of a single attachment to less than 20 MB.